Organizational Design

Whether you are the President, CEO, a VP, or Director or some­one else in senior man­age­ment, at every stage in your company’s development, adapting to change is chal­leng­ing.  Your respon­si­bil­i­ties include strat­egy, pro­gram deliv­ery, financial management and day-to-day oper­a­tions.  Not to men­tion; keep­ing the Board happy, man­ag­ing your num­bers, keep­ing the lights on, and the ‘care and feed­ing’ of the folks who arrive at work every day.

RR & HR Consulting has defined a series of HR decisions that are faced by senior man­age­ment every day:

  • Are you retaining valuable employees?
  • Are your employees’ salaries competitive?
  • Are you treating all employees equally?
  • Are you compliant with federal and state labor laws?
  • Are you compensating employees for performance?
  • Are you effectively communicating upward and downward in your organization?
  • Are your employees developing cutting edge technical skill sets?
  • Are you effectively dealing with current trends and flexible work practices: virtual employees, flexible hours, job sharing, and part-time?
  • Are you accommodating and balancing the needs of the Millennials?
  • Are you actively incorporating the trend of older workers remaining in the workforce beyond traditional retirement ages into our hiring and retention policies?
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