Recruitment, Research & HR Consulting (RR&HR), with a combined experience of over 50 years, works with high tech companies to recruit talented professionals in mobile, cloud, and web consulting and provide HR consulting, documentation, and research services.


We partner with the individuals we represent, before and after placement, to assist them to develop and successfully grow their careers.  We focus on recruiting talented technical candidates that have experience in mobile, cloud, web development and management.

HR Consulting and Infrastructure

We work with client companies to introduce and implement HR “best practices” to strategically integrate programs and processes into their daily operations. This includes performance appraisal, employee rewards, recognition, and incentives, health and benefits, transitions (mergers and acquisitions), communications and employee surveys.

HR Research

We use a variety of information sources from within our client’s organizations and apply the latest innovations from our own in-house research and from top resource studies.


We provide technical writing, courseware, illustrations, instructional design, and custom training materials for our clients.

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